Simple Budget Saving Tips For Home Refinishing

tools and accessories for home renovationDemolition, rewiring and a feeling of starting from scratch can make one feel overwhelmed when considering a refinishing job in their home. What we need to remember when completing such projects is, sometimes less is more, and you will be pleasantly surprised at the new look a simple change can make. You don’t have to change it all. Consider changing just one or two aspects of your room of choice. Your kitchen or bathroom can often be transformed by making small refinishing changes that will brighten and renew your room, and fit into your limited budget.

Here are just some of your options for bathroom refinishing and remodeling that can take an old, out-dated room, and bring it up to date.

Cracked sink or tub – Is this what is causing you dread when you walk into your bathroom? You don’t have to change out everything, having just one item replaced can make a huge difference. Bathtub refinishing is cost-effective, and can be performed easily with the help of an expert or by learning it on your own.

Feeling a need for a change – Consider changing the fixtures, such as the light fixtures and faucets. If you feel you need more change, add some new paint to brighten the room and match the new decor.

Grout work – If you are finding yourself cleaning and cleaning and still feeling that your bathroom looks the same, maybe you are in need of new grout. Having grout work done entails scraping out the old grout and replacing it with new. This will make your tile look like it is new again. You may also consider having your tub and counters caulked.

Old wallpaper that is starting to peel – Consider having it stripped, or the wall treated, and then create the walls of your choosing. Another option is tile work

For kitchen refinishing or remodeling, here are a few ideas:

New countertops – Replacing countertops no longer requires complete kitchen demolition. Many companies have an expert staff with an eye for space to help you make decisions. You may find yourself pleasantly surprised with how they can redefine the look of your kitchen and make it more efficient. Consider a new type of material, such as granite, or for less expense, save the core of your countertop and replace just the surface.

Painting or new tile – Painting the walls and adding accent tile work above heavy work areas are great ways to improve the look of your kitchen and help you maintain a clean kitchen at the same time.

If you’ve been looking for a change in your home, consider refinishing or resurfacing an existing aspect of your home. You’ll notice a complete transformation and likely be happy with the results.

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